Step 1: Creating a Prototype. Creating a working prototype or finding someone who can do it for you is the first step in the manufacturing process. 

Step 2: Finding a Manufacturer.

Step 3: Quoting the Project.

Step 4: Beginning the Production Process. 

Step 5: Placing the Order and Taking Delivery of Goods.

Add together your total direct materials costs, your total direct labor costs and your total manufacturing overhead costs that you incurred during the period to determine your total product costs. Divide your result by the number of products you manufactured during the period to determine your product cost per unit.

A variable cost is an expense that changes according to the quantity of products sold. For example, you manufacture widgets and the cost to produce one is $8. Material cost is $6. Analysis of direct labor cost–the person overseeing the conveyor belt, the inspector and other workers– is $2 per widget.

Manufactured goods are necessary for trade. According to the World Trade Organization, 80% of interregional trade is in goods, and only 20% is in services. For the U.S., the statistics are about the same.


Manufacturing process are the steps through which raw materials are transformed into a final product.

Manufacturing Process Management

Manufacturing process management  is the discipline of defining how products are manufactured so production processes can be made more efficient.

Additive manufacturing

The application is limitless. Early use of AM in the form of Rapid Prototyping focused on  visualization models. More recently, AM is being used to fabricate  in aircraft, dental restorations medical.

Engineer Testing

Automobile Engineering is a branch study of engineering which teaches manufacturing, designing, mechanical mechanisms as well operations of automobiles. It is an introduction to vehicle engineering.

Textile Work

Artificial fibres can be made by extruding a polymer, through a spinneret into a medium where it hardens. Wet spinning (rayon) uses a coagulating medium. In dry spinning (acetate and triacetate), the polymer is contained in a solvent that evaporates.

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