Business People and Creativity Concept

We will be having education workshop from Year 2020 onwards.
Please stay tuned!

We believe in providing you a bait rather than fish.
Therefore we always openly provide training to our clients after system or website go live, and we want our client learn the knowledge from us, so that they could understand the concepts well.


A workshop is a period of discussion or practical work on a particular subject .

Private Workshop

These are custom designed workshops that generally last two days.Itwill take the information and put into action during event, having the chance to ask questions right then.

Mentor Workshop

It is designed to address the weaknesses of traditional workshops, where you hear lots of information some good  but never actually apply that information or incorporate .

Group Workshop

The size of these workshops are limited to ten people. Generally they are two days in length. It’s  hands-on workshop where you will be shooting the images.It contains demoshoots.

Seminar Workshop

These are unlimited in size and are from one to four hours in length. They are lecture and presentation, and some have demos. There is a ton of information.

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